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  • Eight Issues That Possibly Will Put A Business's Liquor License At Risk

    19 May 2021

    For many bar and restaurant establishments, a liquor license is one of the most important assets to have. That's why bar and restaurant businesses need to protect their liquor license and make sure their business isn't guilty of an infraction that could compromise their license. The following are eight issues that possibly will put a business's liquor license at risk.  Sales of alcoholic beverages during certain prohibited times Each state makes its own laws about what times alcohol can be served.

  • Having A Property Condition Assessment Done For Your Commercial Property Transaction

    1 April 2021

    Commercial property transactions are both extremely valuable and highly complex. A critical part of this type of transaction is evaluating and assessing the property, which is often performed by a property condition assessment consultant. Will The Property Condition Assessment Only Involve A Physical Assessment? While a primary need for having a property assessment conducted is to determine the overall structural condition of the building, this is not the only step involved with this work.

  • Why You Should Use Staffing Services When Hiring

    18 February 2021

    If you look around, you will probably notice more and more companies are using staffing agencies. You have probably been considering it because you have a lot on your plate or because employee vetting skills aren't your area of expertise. Staffing services offload you the burden of looking for and recruiting the right employees for your company. Is getting staffing services a good idea? Here are some reasons to join the bandwagon and implement the latest trend of hiring staffing services.

  • Benefits Of Outsourcing Trading In Your Financial Business

    15 December 2020

    If you run a financial business, then there is a good chance that you and your employees handle most things in-house. However, there are times when it can be smart to outsource some of the things that might otherwise be handled within your financial business. For example, if you aren't already outsourcing trading, then it might be an option for you to explore. These are some of the benefits of outsourcing trading in your financial business.

  • A Streamlined Approach To Acquiring And Analyzing Customer Feedback

    9 October 2020

    A new product or service that doesn't do well initially, but then begins to increase in popularity, could be a direct result of current trends or how you market your business. Being provided with your customers' perspectives will help you target what types of customers are most likely to purchase wares or obtain services. This can help you pinpoint what is currently working and what changes you should consider making within your business.

  • Nanotechnology: Big Risks in Tiny Things

    22 July 2020

    If your toothpaste or pastry icing looks whiter, they could be using titanium dioxide (TiO2). The whiter than white pigment is deceptively pure. In small nanoparticle sizes, it's a risk to human health. France is the first country to prohibit the use of food additive E171, a colorant containing titanium dioxide nanoparticles. Nanotechnologies are becoming pervasive in more of our products and lives. More health and safety risks, however, are being reported by pharmacovigilance consulting companies.

  • Leadership University Can Help New Managers Struggling To Communicate

    16 April 2020

    Becoming a manager is often a big step for many people in their careers and gives them a myriad of benefits that can be huge. However, some people struggle in this position due to poor communication skills and may need a leadership university program to succeed in ways that they may not expect.  Common Issues With Managerial Communication New managers often find that their new position is much more challenging than they may have been anticipating.

  • Benefits Of Working With A Software Selection Consultant For Your Business

    1 August 2019

    Computers can allow a business to be vastly more effective and efficient. However, the choice of the software that will run on the systems can be a major decision that can impact the way the business is able to use its computer systems. This can make retaining a software selection consulting service a helpful option as these professionals can help businesses navigate the software selection process. Ensure Software Has The Needed Features

  • Looking for Career Advancement? 4 Reasons You Need an Executive Coach

    3 April 2017

    If you thought coaching was only for the sports-minded individual, you were wrong. Coaching is for the career-minded individual, as well. Whether you're achieving the career goals you set for yourself, or you seem to have stalled, you can always benefit from a good coach. Not sure how? Here are four important ways in which an executive coach can help you achieve greatness. Identify Patterns of Behavior You might not realize this, but you have certain patterns of behavior that sets you apart from everyone else.

  • Own A Business? Two Reasons Why You Should Hire A Fire Protection Engineer

    12 March 2017

    As a business owner, you understand the importance of making sure that your premises are as secure as possible.  To that end, you may have invested the money in a good alarm system as well as installed a closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance system so that you can keep an eye on the structure at all times.  However, one area that you may not have thought about involves the risk of fire.