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Awesome Reasons To Ask About Suboxone Treatment For Opioid Addictions

by Gwendolyn Marshall

Overcoming an opioid addiction is described as being difficult by many addicts. Despite this well-known high risk of addiction, there is an epidemic that is affecting countries worldwide. The United States is one country that has a high number of addicts. There are several medications available to individuals who have a desire to stop using opioids. Suboxone is one of those medications, and there are a number of reasons to consider it as a medication for opioid withdrawal. The following points identify a few reasons why Suboxone might be a good match for individuals who desire to recover from their opioid addictions.

Decreased Cravings and Tolerable Withdrawal

These are important attributes because cravings and withdrawal are primary reasons why many addicts return to using opiates. Suboxone makes it easier for individuals not to return to using opiates because it does not give them a high feeling, but it helps lessen withdrawal symptoms. The treatment process involves starting with a high dosage that is gradually lowered until the patient gradually weans off of the medication.

Easy Access

Suboxone can be taken home on a prescription. This means that individuals do not have the worries of trying to get to a treatment center to get their medications. It can be prescribed and taken at home. Other medications such as methadone have to be taken at a treatment facility. This means that patients have to report to the center to get their medication daily, which is an inconvenience for individuals who have other obligations such as employment. Individuals who do not have transportation may also face challenges with this option.

Avoid Stigma

Most cities have methadone treatment centers or clinics. These facilities may be scrutinized by individuals who do not understand the nature of addiction. Suboxone offers a discreet treatment option since patients do not have to report to a center daily for medication.

Reduce Chances of Abuse

Since Suboxone does not give individuals a euphoric response, they are not likely to take more than prescribed. Sometimes the treatment plan includes pairing the medication with another medication to further reduce the chances of abuse. 

The process of opioid recovery needs to involve a comprehensive treatment plan. This means that medication alone is usually not enough. After the initial detox, which is usually done in a clinical setting, patients need to adhere to the recommended treatment plan to improve their chances of a successful recovery. A treatment center is a good resource to use to begin the treatment process. They can help establish whether Suboxone is an ideal match for you prior to you leaving the center.