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Having A Property Condition Assessment Done For Your Commercial Property Transaction

by Gwendolyn Marshall

Commercial property transactions are both extremely valuable and highly complex. A critical part of this type of transaction is evaluating and assessing the property, which is often performed by a property condition assessment consultant.

Will The Property Condition Assessment Only Involve A Physical Assessment?

While a primary need for having a property assessment conducted is to determine the overall structural condition of the building, this is not the only step involved with this work. For example, these consultants may also review the interior design and blueprints of the building as well as the zoning requirements. This is extremely useful information when there is a high likelihood that you will need to make major changes to the interior of the building as these reviews can help to verify that the necessary changes are possible.

How Will A Property Condition Assessment Differ From A Standard Residential Property Assessment?

A property condition assessment is similar to a residential building assessment in many ways, but there are some notable differences in the types of factors that will have to be considered when a commercial structure is being evaluated. For example, commercial properties can also have accessibility requirements and other building regulations that are not always applicable to residential properties. These consultants will be able to determine whether the interior of the building will need major modifications before it can be brought into compliance with these regulations. Depending on the scope of the necessary changes, this could substantially increase the costs of making the building operational, which may cause your business to reconsider this option.

What Happens When A Property Assessment Finds An Issue With The Building?

Unfortunately, there is a chance that your property condition assessment may discover that there is a significant problem with the structure. In the case that this occurs, the consultant will be able to explain the problem that was discovered as well as the possible fixes that could be used to correct it. They will also be able to explain the level of severity of the problem as there are some issues that may be able to be safely delayed but others may require urgent repairs to keep the building structurally sound and the occupants safe. If you are looking to buy the property, this can help you to determine the maximum amount that you could afford to pay for the structure once the needed repairs are considered, and if you are looking to sell the property, this can help with setting an initial price for the listing.

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