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When Should You Hire A Consultant To Implement OSHA Safety Training?

by Gwendolyn Marshall

OSHA training programs help businesses and employees keep workplaces safe. However, training needs will change over time. Consequently, you may want to hire a consultant to assist you with updating your OSHA safety training process. You should consider doing this under these four circumstances.

Regulatory Changes 

Government regulations change frequently as legislators and agencies adapt to evolving situations in the workplace. In highly regulated industries, companies may see new regulations annually. Some extreme cases, especially following major publicized incidents, may even see sudden shifts that occur outside the usual annual legislative schedule for regulatory approvals.

If you know new OSHA training requirements are coming, as a professional to help you review your procedures. They can study your training recommendations and manuals to verify everything will be in compliance. If they identify potential issues, they can also help your team adjust in time to comply with new regulations.

New Industry Standards

Each industry will have a distinct approach to OSHA safety training. Even if government rules haven't changed, you may see differences in how your industry is achieving compliance. You can learn about these changes from others in your trade. When you do, it's a good idea to ask an OSHA training consultant for guidance in reconciling your present standards with the new industry approach.

Rashes of Injuries

A rash of workplace injuries may just be a run of bad luck. However, it might also be a sign something is very wrong. Employees may not have sufficient training or leadership.

Ideally, you should apply precautionary principles and review your OHSA training methods during such periods. Even if the rash of injuries proves to be simple randomness, the worst a review will do is confirm that's the case. Likewise, you'll get ahead of the problem if something is going on.

Hiring Sprees

Some industries have notable boom and bust cycles that lead to hiring sprees. These are normal in many trades where OSHA safety training matters, but they can pose serious problems. If your business is planning a large batch of new hires, you should consider bringing in a consultant to refresh your manuals and procedures.

Especially if this is the first large employee intake you've ever done, you may also want to think about how you're going to educate many fresh workers at once. An OSHA safety training consultant can help you organize materials, arrange sessions, and produce documents and forms. Even if most of the new workers have industry experience, it's wise to get everyone on the same page when it comes to safety.