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Looking for Career Advancement? 4 Reasons You Need an Executive Coach

by Gwendolyn Marshall

If you thought coaching was only for the sports-minded individual, you were wrong. Coaching is for the career-minded individual, as well. Whether you're achieving the career goals you set for yourself, or you seem to have stalled, you can always benefit from a good coach. Not sure how? Here are four important ways in which an executive coach can help you achieve greatness.

Identify Patterns of Behavior

You might not realize this, but you have certain patterns of behavior that sets you apart from everyone else. Some of your patterns will help you achieve your goals, while others will act as a hindrance. Unfortunately, it's not always easy for you to identify your own patterns of behavior, or how they affect your career goals. That's where an executive coach comes in to play. Your executive coach will help you identify your behaviors that are a benefit to you, while helping you overcome the behaviors that are holding you back.

Encourage Productivity

If you're like most people, you might not be as productive as you could be. Whether you find yourself sidetracked by outside influences, or you have trouble budgeting your time, there are probably areas where you could be more productive. An executive coach will watch how you utilize your time and help you find ways to become more productive. Increased productivity leads to a better work ethic, which will then lead to career advancement.

Unlock Hidden Potential

If you've been stuck in the same career for several years, you might have found yourself becoming stagnate. Career stagnation can prevent you from reaching your maximum career potential. In fact, it can even interfere with your ability to see your own potential. Unfortunately, if you can't see your own potential, it can be difficult – if not impossible – for your employer to see that potential. Your executive coach will help you unlock your hidden potential.

Develop New Skills

One of the problems with being stuck in a career rut is that you don't have the opportunity to develop new skills. However, your executive coach will help you find ways to develop new skills while working in the same career. As you develop new skills, additional opportunities for growth will be opened to you.

If you feel like you're stuck a career that's going nowhere, it's time to reach out to an executive coach. The lessons and insights you learn from your coach will help you obtain the goals you've set for yourself.