Learning To Surrender Control

5 Ways To Create A Work Environment That Promotes Resource Conservation

by Gwendolyn Marshall

While many employers regularly request that their staff makes an effort to conserve resources, rarely do they approach things from their workers' perspective. If you we were no longer in charge of your company and instead had to meet the whims and demands of your boss, how compliant would you be when it came to requests that went above and beyond your normal work duties? Rather that renewing a message that you have found does not fully resonate with your staff, try promoting these five unique ideas to change your employee's perspective on waste and conservation.

1. Give Out Prizes - A lot of workers feel as though their responsibilities are constantly increasing without fair compensation, leading them to take a lethargic sort of stance when they learn of new workplace resource conservation initiatives. Since it isn't very feasible to offer salary increases when you're trying to cut back on waste as a means of saving money, you can have competitions and award prizes to those who show a lot of effort.

2. Bring In A Lean Consultant - If you think you know everything your company workers that can be done to streamline processes and reduce waste, you're likely too close to the situation to be completely impartial. Lean consulting firms can specialize in certain industries, or they can just be masters of resource conservation in general. You can find out which software programs offer the best return on investment as well as how to spend less on replenishing office supplies with the expertise of a lean consulting company.

3. Have Detailed Employee Performance Meetings - While you talk to your staff about how well they have done at meeting their main workplace responsibility targets, make sure that you slip in a few points about their work resource conservation goals. If your workers are to improve, they have to know what they are doing right, and they also need to know that their supervisors are aware of their performance. You may want to ask a lean consulting expert what measures can be implemented that will help your staff steadily improve.

4. Create A Slogan - Instead of needing to go over the same information with your employees, use a slogan that expresses how crucial these new workplace initiatives are. Use the information you have learned from the lean consulting firm to create a phrase that lets your staff know that each of their efforts, large and small, are valued and important.

5. Look Closer At Management - After going ahead and reworking how things are done at your company with the help of a lean consulting firm, make sure that you also analyze what management is up to more closely. Regard of whether their individual teams are doing well or not, you must also ensure that management is held to the same workplace resource conservation standards as the remainder of your workforce.

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