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Hiring A New Employee? Protect Your Business And Your Customers With These Tips And Tricks

by Gwendolyn Marshall

Hiring a new employee is serious business – choosing the wrong person can make your company's proprietary information vulnerable and put your customers' financial information at risk. This is why it's important to take your time throughout the hiring process so you're sure that the person you hire makes a perfect fit for your company and current team. Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to find a reliable new employee while protecting your business and customers at the same time:

Invest in Employment Screening

One of the most important things you can do to protect your business practices when hiring a new employee is to invest in employment screening from companies like PeopleFacts that provides you with a wealth of information such as:

  • Criminal History
  • Credit Checks
  • Social Security Validation
  • Education Verification
  • Drug Testing Results

Finding out whether or not a potential employee has been charged with fraud in the past, or that their college degree has been falsified can save you lots of time, money, and energy, as well as minimize any profit losses after bringing on a new-hire.

Schedule Hands-on Training Days

Before officially hiring on a new employee, schedule two or three days of hands-on training sessions (paid of course) where they can practice their potential job duties with a manager oversees the process from beginning to end. This will help to ensure that your new employee has a clear understanding of what your expectations are, and it will give you an opportunity to ensure that they're a team player and a quick learner who won't hold your business back during their first weeks of employment. If things don't work out for any reason, you can simply pay the potential employee for their time and discontinue the hiring process.

Install Mini Surveillance Cameras

One surefire way to minimize financial fraud and theft of proprietary information is to install mini surveillance cameras behind employee desks that monitor daily activities while everyone works. Not only will this keep your new and current employees on their toes, but it will give you documentation that can be used in court if you find yourself in need of defending your business due to fraud or theft.

It's important that your employees know that their workspaces are being monitored and recorded to avoid any privacy infringement issues. Have your lawyer draw up an official notification about your surveillance policies for potential employees to sign before they're hired.

Commit to Doing Regular Audits

It's important to audit your employees, especially when they've been recently hired to ensure that they're filling out reports correctly and that customer files are being secured properly. Have management conduct weekly audits for your new employees until you're confident in their reliability, and then consider scheduling monthly audits to keep tabs on the small details. This is a great way to make sure that you're catching inconsistencies early so they can be corrected before profits are lost or customer accounts are compromised. Your audits can also be used for legal purposes if necessary.

Work to Create Employee Loyalty

The process of creating employee loyalty should begin right after the hiring process. Employees who are satisfied with their jobs often enjoy helping their organization succeed and they are more likely to practice conflict resolutions, conserve resources, and even boost the morale of your entire team of employees.   

You can create employee loyalty in a variety of ways such as giving employees the freedom to make their own choices in at least some of their job duties, and offering them plenty of avenues and opportunities for promotions.

These methods will not only help you choose the right employee for your business, but they'll ensure that your entire team stays on track throughout the full term of their employment.