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Building A Business? 2 Network Marketing Strategies You Should Remember

by Gwendolyn Marshall

As a budding business owner, you might wonder what you can do to bolster your success. Fortunately, you can learn a lot from companies that use direct sales tactics, also called multi-level or network marketing. These businesses are incredibly successful, selling over 32 billion dollars of merchandise in 2013 alone. Here are two network marketing strategies you should remember, and how they can make your business more successful:

1: Start Off Strong

Although you might be tempted to test the waters of your new business by throwing open the doors and hosting a soft opening, network marketing companies focus on starting off strong. In addition to giving a good first impression, launching your business properly might help you to identify problems before customers notice your mistakes. Here are a few things you should pay attention to during your launch phase:

  • Employee Training: It might seem like a good idea to let your employees learn as they go, but if a customer doesn't have a good experience, they might turn to your competitors. Before you open your restaurant or retail shop, make sure that each and every employee understands the rules, their role, and how to care for your customers. 
  • Store Cleanliness: Those paper scraps on your carpet might seem insignificant, but they might mean a lot to your customers. If your store is dirty, customers might take it as a sign that you don't care about the details. When you open your business, pay special attention to cleanliness.
  • Enthusiasm: Last but not least, get your employees excited about your business. Spread enthusiasm by being positive and encouraging. When your workers are happy and confident, customers will feel more comfortable.

As you open your business, take careful notes. Listen to your customers and document their concerns. You might be able to adjust your business plan based on your successes and failures, so that you can continue to grow.

2: Know Your Products

When you order products for your business, do you really know what you are getting? Have you ever tried on those jackets, used that body lotion, or tested those wontons? Instead of ordering products from giant manufacturers and simply stocking the shelves, direct marketing salespeople purchase their own stock of inventory. Because they have more on the line, direct marketing employees tend to research their products more thoroughly and sell products that they believe in. Here are a few ways that you can understand your products, so that you can decide what to offer customers: 

  • Sample, Sample, Sample: Don't be afraid to set aside a portion of your inventory to sample. If you have a clothing store, give out a few of those new wool scarves as part of a promotion. If you own a restaurant, let customers try that new cheesecake. By giving away free samples, you can increase customer interest, while gaining valuable feedback.
  • Let Employees Test Products: Don't let your customers have all the fun. How can an employee sell a product they are unfamiliar with? Before you put any item on your sales floor, teach your employees about the product by letting them try it out. Your workers might be able to spot features that you overlooked.
  • Do Your Research: Do you know where that television was made or what type of wood makes up that bedframe? Since you never know what a customer might ask, it is important to do your research before you start selling. Take the time to learn as much as you can about each product in your store so that you can answer questions intelligently.

By learning from network marketing experts, you can develop a loyal following and sell better products. For more tips on network marketing, contact a company like Tall Jeff.